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APICS is the premier professional association for supply chain and operations management.


The Anaheim Chapter of APICS is the local affiliation representing Anaheim, Ca and the nearby area.





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CPIM Course Information

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Certification in Production and Inventory Management (CPIM)

CPIM classes can be used to prepare individuals or teams to pass the Certified in Production and Inventory Management exam, they can also be used to facilitate companywide improvements.

The CPIM certification is recognized globally as a prestigious and a valuable addition for any individual or team’s toolbox.  Aside from being the industry standard in production and inventory management, the knowledge gained from these classes adds to one's learning horizon and professional skills.

Our instructors are seasoned certified practitioners with outstanding track records in getting our students certified. For those of you that plan to taking the CPIM exams, we have a high pass rate. If you don't pass on the first try, you can take the course over again (either in its entirety or only selected sections) at no cost.  For more information on how you can begin your CPIM journey click the Register link below and begin learning today.




Part 1 - Begins 5/07/18

Part 2 - Begins 5/09/18



CPIM Course Information (information)

Why Pursue the CPIM Body of Knowledge?

Earning the CPIM credential makes you a recognized expert in internal operations for your organization. Your commitment and effort demonstrate your high level of knowledge and skills to your employer and colleagues. Certification makes you a more valuable asset to your organization, boosting your career and keeping your organization more competitive in today’s economy. Wherever your career takes you, your CPIM certification defines you as an internal operational expert and leader.

  1. Certification.

  2. Exams.

  3. 10% Salary Increase - According to the 2016 APICS Operations Management Employment Outlook.

  4. 65% Improved Hiring Potential.

  5. Unlimited Opportunities.


What Skills/Competencies Will You Gain in Your CPIM Class?

APICS CPIM Part 1:  Supply Chain Fundamentals

Basics of Supply Chain Management (BSCM)

The basics of supply chain management covers everything from basic supply chain terminology and concepts to a comprehensive overview of manufacturing systems, material requirements planning, capacity management, production control, lean, quality management, six sigma, purchasing and fundamental aspects of inventory management. 


APICS CPIM Part 2:  Advanced Supply Chain for Internal Operations (formally SMR, DSP, ECO and MPR).

Master Planning and Resources (MRP)

You will explore processes used to develop sales and operations plans, identify and assess internal and external demand and forecasting requirements, and effect an achievable master schedule consistent with business policies, objectives and resource constraints.

Detailed Scheduling and Planning

This course focuses on material and capacity scheduling and planning. It starts with a discussion of inventory management as it relates to order planning and customer service. It includes a detailed explanation of material requirements planning (MRP), a technique suitable for use in job shops. The course also introduces another material planning technique: material-dominated scheduling, which is applicable to process industries and other mature production environments. The course explains capacity requirements planning in detail and introduces other capacity-planning techniques, including processor-dominated scheduling.

Strategic Management of Resources

Choosing appropriate methodologies and techniques for specific needs, and acquiring an appreciation for the integration nature of operations.

Execution and Control of Operations

Students will gain expertise in prioritizing and sequencing work, executing work plans, implementing controls, reporting activity results and evaluating and providing feedback on performance. The course explains techniques for scheduling and controlling production and process operations. It also addresses the execution of quality initiatives, continuous improvement plans and controlling and handling inventories. Students also will learn how to evaluate performance and collect data for effective feedback.



CPIM Course Fees


CPIM Part 1 Costs:
$1350 for APICS Members
$1650 for Non-member
*Register with no test voucher $1150.
(Please note that the above fees include all text books)
If you have already registered for a class and still need to make payment you can do so using our secure PayPal interface

CPIM Part 2 Costs:
$2000 for APICS Members
$2350 for Non-member

*Register with no test voucher $1850.
(Please note that the above fees include all text books)

If you have already registered for a class and still need to make payment you can do so using our secure PayPal interface


Registrants will be taken to our secure PayPal on-line interface to complete payment after registering

If you prefer to pay via check please register on-line then,
Mail check made out to "Anaheim Chapter APICS" to:
Anaheim Chapter APICS
P.O. Box 18572
Anaheim Hills Station
Anaheim, Ca 92817-8777

* Payment must be received 14 days prior to the first class. Late payment may result in additional charges for books and/or loss of registration space.


Register HERE

Questions, please call 714 998 2924


4201 Bonita
Fullerton, CA 92835 (map)


If you have registered for a CPIM course but not yet paid you can pay using our secure PayPal interface.